F4C is back with his first song of 2020, as he commemorates Easter Celebration, with his new track, titled ” Ife Oluwa” which translated from his mother tongue, means The Love of God. He wrote this song, as a reflection of His revelation of the love of God, revealed in the life journey of the average human being. His prayer and vision and prayer for the self written, arranged and delivered song, is that everyone who listens to it, experiences the love of God, that assures relentless strength, comfort and grace, even in the most intricate as well as most minute aspects of their lives, in Jesus name.

F4C is a singer, songwriter, vocal arranger, music director, writer, content creator and life enthusiast. He started his career and ministry officially, in 2014, after winning the prestigious UnWrap talent hunt, in June of that year.

Since then, he has a powerful 11 track album to his credit, and many other likewise, soul lifting, edifying and inspiring tunes to his name and credibility.

In his words, his makes music to inspire and bring his listeners to the knowledge of the endless love of God, the Father!

Ife Oluwa was produced, mixed and mastered by AY Klasiq.