Who Is


F4C, born Olufemi Michael Salako, is a Christian/Inspirational Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Music Director, Arranger, Vocal Instructor, Professional Background Vocalist, Writer and Life Enthusiast, with 2 Album and many other singles to his name and credit. 

He started singing from the very tender age of 6, and had his first big stage, at his late father’s service of songs, the age of 9. 

Since then, he has served in different churches are a lead singer, choir director, worship leader, as well as contract music coach. 

He is a deep hearted and very skilled songwriter, with a plethora of life experiences, lessons and such a rich relationship with The Father, and Christ, the saviour, that give birth to his rich lyrics, as well as a very keen knowledge of musical theory, melodies and tunes, that make for a great song!

When F4C is not creating music, he is a prolific content writer, that cuts across any and every subject matter thinkable. 

As long as there’s a theme and a context, F4C will get the written content done! He is also an excellently skilled background vocalist, with a 3.4 note octave range, which enables him to not only create excellent background vocals for songs, thanks to his vast knowledge in singing theory and dynamics, but also, to create a three part (Soprano, Alto, Tenor) harmony for songs, all by himself!

F4C is one who has been through more than a handful of difficulty in life, but has always risen through, stronger and better, and it is his psychology and belief, that as long as God has not ceased your breath, you are alive to fulfill a uniquely divine purpose, and you don’t complete doing so, until you die… So, why allow just one rough time keep you down??? 😀

F4C is a proud Believer of Christ Jesus, and prides in calling himself “God’s Masterpiece!”


Watch "Focus on You" official LIVE video here!